Supervisor & Employee Training

Unsure of how to address substance abuse in your workplace? ARCpoint Labs of Sacramento specializes in working with employers to tackle these issues.

After developing a drug-free workplace policy, the next phase is to implement the policy to the entire organization and train supervisory personnel. Training supervisors is an integral part of every drug-free workplace program. Supervisors need to be provided with basic information about the drug-free workplace program, and their role in its implementation.

supervisor employee

Contact us to assist your management team in:

  • Understanding the drug-free workplace policy and the supervisor’s specific roles in implementation.
  • Knowing the best way to conduct drug and alcohol screening
  • How to approach an employee suspected of substance abuse
  • Basic understanding of addiction
  • Knowing the most commonly abused drugs
  • Identifying signs of drug or alcohol abuse
  • Creating a drug-free workplace policy
  • Writing an EAP (employee assistance program)

Your management team doesn’t have to be in the dark when it comes to drugs and alcohol. Let our team at ARCpoint Labs of Sacramento guide you through.